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About MarkLogic

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arkLogic is a commercial software product sold by MarkLogic Corporation, which is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

MarkLogic's primary product, MarkLogic Server, is best described as a combination XML datastore and search engine. It can store very large amounts of XML, 100s of terabytes, and run queries against those huge datasets in fractions of a second.

MarkLogic indexes and stores XML in a transactional way, which is why it's often called an "XML database". Rather that SQL, MarkLogic uses a language called XQuery to query and transform the stored XML.

The bit that makes MarkLogic unique among XML storage engines is that it also includes powerful search engine capabilities for querying the text of the stored XML. Search is transactional with content storage, which means that as soon as a document is committed to the store, it is immediately visible to searches.

Getting MarkLogic

To learn more about the MarkLogic product, visit the MarkLogic corporate website. If you're a developer and would like to take MarkLogic for a test drive, visit MarkLogic's Developer Site to browse the documentation and download the community edition of the software.

Once you've done that and gotten your feet wet, come along to the next MUGL Meeting and introduce yourself. We'll be happy to help.