MarkLogic User Group London

What MUGL Is All About


MarkLogic customers are quite numerous in and around London and those numbers are growing at a rapid rate. Because so many users are concentrated in such a small geographic area the formation of a MarkLogic User Group is not only an obvious thing to do it's also long overdue.

Every user of MarkLogic has a unique perspective and set of challenges. The goal of MUGL is to bring together people with common interests to learn, share and help each other in a friendly and supportive environment. There will be plenty of hard-core nerdy tech talk, but it's also an opportunity to network and hang out with like-minded people that can understand the challenges you're facing on a daily basis.

MUGL's founder, Ron Hitchens, is not only a MarkLogic user but also a former MarkLogic employee. Ron was a Lead Engineer on the Core Server Team at MarkLogic in California for five years. Ron relocated to the UK in 2009 and is now an Ex-Pat American living in London building web services and publishing systems that harness the power of MarkLogic.

About This Site

This is a new site, not much work has gone into it yet. It is currently not based on MarkLogic but hopefully it will be soon. Currently it's 100% hand-crafted XHTML delivered via PHP includes. Hopefully we can develop something better that runs on MarkLogic as a group project. Volunteers?